HTML code stored in a variable

Is it possible to use simple HTML tags to format text stored in a variable?

I thought this used to work, but on reviewing some old courses, when I republish with Storyline 360, I now see the code (<BR> and <B> mostly) displayed as part of the text string. Has this changed since Storyline 2, or am I just remembering wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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karen forkish

Thank you for your reply, Phil. It's nice to have verification that this once worked.

If someone from Articulate could answer whether this will be fixed, it would be really nice to know.

Back in the Storyline 2 days, we built our own custom closed captioning functionality, and we are now republishing all those courses from Storyline 360. So, it's a huge deal to go through all the cc text for many courses and remove the HTML code.


Jeff Forrer

I don't remember this ever working since v1, but could be wrong.  Ideally it would be great if it was a priority to allow HTML tags, otherwise using vars for text fields really doesn't make sense because text usually requires, Bold, Italics, Line Breaks etc.  Storyline would gain leaps and bounds with this. 

An example would be a popup box of any kind, if you want to use the same on for lets say clicking on 10 different objects in an interaction:

a) with var allowing HTML, you could use one box, 10 triggers to change that var

b) without you need 10 different boxes by either toggling visibility or using 10 layers


Alison  L.

My question, is "What is the point of a few HTML support within text variables?" Because tells you what the HTML is, but now WHY nor HOW to use it. 

So I did it myself and found....

I have... wrapped html in the VALUE when creating the Variable (the Default Value is "default value hand typed in a new variable window", with the font color green  </font> wrapped around it....

html value


And I call the reference on a slide and preview it, and that DOES work:

default values wrapped in the green

BUT then if I update that variable's value , don't I totally lose the green formatting ? So "whats the point"?


AND... I created a variable called "TextEntry" and made a text entry field for it, on the next slide, I call the %TextEntry&. The red and italics ones are formatted from the options in the HOME TAB. (so no HTML added in anyway). The middle guy I tried <i> tags around the references:

some formatted variable references

When I entered text in the text field and did those multiple %TextEntry%s in Preview, came up like this:

Dipply Doodly

As you can see the top and bottom values ARE formatted. But the reference wrapped in one of the supposed supported html tags does not (note: and neither does the takes on the inside of the %'s)

So again...what's the point? Not in an accusatory way, more like.. what am I missing here?  What's The Thing that I'm not thinking of because there's no "how to use html" in that article, and even though I tried things I haven't come up with the answer yet?  


Alison  L.

@Jeff, I'm going to go a little sideways here to ask about how you are doing your super groovy "T1" (I'm guessing TAB, but wondering it's a "table" ) are you populating your "tool_box" object  with the variables %toolTitle%%toolDescription%. Like, how do %tooltTile%%toolDescription% (know how to?) lay themselves out. Or am I extrapolating terribly ?

Thanks! and Thanks for the share, didn't realize you could do that!


Jeff Forrer


t1 (tool one) is the name of an image button, in this case an image of a Level with different states.

Clicking on the Level updates the two vars: toolTitle (Level) and toolDescription (The description above where the HTML tags come in, without being able to use the HTML tags here, I could not apply them dynamically and may have to have separate fields for each tool). 

So since I have 10-15 tools in a side scroll tool box (showing 5 tools at a time), as you click on each, those two vars are updated and displayed, so I can use one box to display both title and description for all 10-15 tools.  Hope that helps ;0)