HTML Conversion Technical Conflict

Hello everyone!

I am currently creating tutorials and have come across the following conflicts due to the discrepancies in the HTML5 links:

- Static transitions
- Blurry overall appearance and text

-Missing backgrounds for scroll panels (i.e. the rectangle that was inserted into the scroll panel as a white background for the instructions)

-Videos do not automatically play

The HTML link (w flashplayer) does not have any of these conflicts, but the client that I am currently creating these tutorials for prefers the HTML5 version (wout flashplayer).

What can I do to fix these discrepancies between the two HTML links?

Here is more information about which functions of Articulate Storyline were used for the above conflicts:

The "Reading Instructions" slide was created through the following functions:

- Scroll panel with an inserted rectangle for background with text and various screenshots of the program

The "Watch Video" slide was created through the following functions:

-the video (done through the "record screen" function of Storyline) is set to automatically play along with a separately-recorded audio file

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bobbi and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not sure if you meant to include links here - but I didn't see any to take a look at. We'd be happy to view your .story course and how everything appears when published. To get started I'd also like to find out the following information from you:

  • What update of Storyline are you using? We're currently on update 6
  • Are you viewing the course in mobile safari on your ipad or testing the HTML5 content in Google Chrome?
  • if you're using an iPad, what version and iOS?

In regards to your video piece, it sounds like there are multiple media files, and Mobile Safari can only play one media file at a time. As a result, we don't recommend adding multiple audio or video resources to the same slide if your learners will be viewing HTML5 content in mobile Safari on iPads/iPhones. This limitation in mobile Safari can also impact step-by-step screen recordings if they include both audio and video components.

Also, you may want to review this comparison chart on how certain features will work within the Flash output, HTML5, and mobile player.