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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ide,

Thanks for the link. I see what you're sharing in that link when I view the HTML5 output (not Flash). The good thing is it disappears the moment I start typing. 🙂

Let's still figure out why though...since I didn't see it in your earlier file, can you share a copy of a new file with me? If you're seeing it with every text entry hopefully it's easy to mock up! 

Crystal Horn

Hello there, Íde!  It looks like you sent the published output here, but I had a look at your original .story file from a month ago, and I noticed that you have a text variable reference in the text entry box, %YourName%.

In your file, I'm guessing that you are using that text entry field to capture the learner's name, and you also want them to see their name.  I would omit the reference in the text entry field.  You won't need it; the text entry field will automatically be set to your learner's entry once they choose Submit, or in some other way focus on another part of the slide.

I worked on another file which showed similar symptoms as yours, with the code-like text in HTML5 output.  Here's a link to some further explanation.

When you want to show the YourName text in another part of the slide or throughout the course, simply place a normal text box and use the reference there.

I hope that's helpful!

Íde O'Neill

Hi Crystal

Many thanks for your assistance on this one.  It works! :-)

The html is no longer visible but I find that text-centering formatting applied to the text entry box is not applied in the published version of the slide.

Would you have any possible solution to this?

Thank you.