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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Louise!

When viewing content on an iPad, you can use either the Articulate mobile player app (recommended) or the mobile Safari browser.  To compare how Storyline content behaves in these environments, please review this article.

To review frequently asked questions and answers regarding iPad / HTML5 content, click here.

Walt Hamilton

I've had users complain that they can't enlarge the content on ipads, and others that when they click on a link to an external video have to start over when they return.

Maybe my answer wasn't clear.  If you want to use the Articulate app, it runs on Articulate's  server. The user logs ins into the LMS, clicks on the course content. Ipad goes to Articulate to run the app. When the app contacts the LMS for content, the LMS wants a password, and the Articulate app  isn't able to pass that request to the user. The app can't authenticate, and the LMS won't give the app the content.

The problem does not exist if the ipad connects to the LMS using the Safari browser. You just have to be content with the content running as a web page, instead of an spp.  The same problem exists with Android, too.

This is only a problem if the content is stored on the internet in a location that requires password access, which I assume yours does, if you want to track progress.


Also, be aware that the mobile app only tracks content using the TinCan API.


Hope this clears up my answer.


Louise Greenhoff

Thanks for the comments - I'm a little happier now as I've done some testing using HTML5 output and deploying via my LMS. It all seems to work fine - not used videos but will open up resources in new tabs and return to the content when I close the tab. Tracking via Saba LMS seems fine too (small sample tested).

Anyone else used HTML5, IPads and LMS in large numbers? Would be good to get some more real life examples of how this works!

Thanks, Louise