HTML Publishing And Variables (SL2 User)

So I've been publishing CD and LMS versions of SL2 products for years.  No big issuesso far I couldn't overcome.  Lately I've been attempting to publish those same courses in HTML(5) and have basically hit so many walls I'm about to give up.

Here is the issue I can't seem to work around.  (Note, these are current ICWs I'm modifying for HTML)  The use of Variables is not working, or in many cases is randomly working.  I have tested CD versions, and in Preview mode, and they work fine, but when published and used as HTML5, they do not work.

Here are two examples, but you can apply these same examples to other cases.

1. A Text box contains a Variable called "%Prompt%", on each Layer a Trigger Adjusted the Variable %Prompt% to different words.."Click here", "Read this", "Observe that".... the problem is the Font is 14pt Calibri, but when published in  HTML the words display like 16pt Articulate (All other text looks normal, only variable text is different when published HTML)

2. I have a presentation that begins with student selecting their job (1 of 5) at the very beginning (it sets one variable true, all others remain false).  When the student navigates, the variable selected sets up future navigation, however in HTML SL acts like in can't interpret those variables.  It gets confused and even changes them (but it works fine on CD, just not HTML).

I'm just looking for list of Rules, and Guidelines for Developing Storyline in HTML.  Things are significantly different to someone who only develops in CD and LMS products would need to know.  I will take anything at this point.

What I have is more than a simple troubleshooting problem.  I have many many courses.   I am not about to go back and pick each and every one apart in attempt to get them to work in HTML.  I may work this into the process  as each comes up for revision.

Much appreciated!


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Crystal Horn

Hi Art.  I appreciate the thoughtful post about how you'd like your course authoring to go more smoothly.  It sounds like you're currently developing your courses in Storyline 2.  I'm going to pull together some information that should be helpful for you!

First, let me share a great article that compares how your output behaves differently between Flash and HTML5, as well as the Articulate Mobile Player.  This resource helps you know what to expect from each output.

To cover our bases, be sure that you're viewing your content on a supported browser.  Some browsers are reacting to the end of Flash support by disabling the Flash Player by default.  With Storyline 2, you can view HTML5 output with Google Chrome, Safari, and on your iOS and Android devices.

Let's talk about your specific issues, too.  Variable text references will likely always look different from the rest of your text.  You can see a difference in the type of font being used, as well as the size of the text.  The linked articles explain a bit more in detail.

As for the variables that are not being remembered in the HTML5 output, that doesn't sound quite right to me.  Could I have a look at an example project where this is happening?  I want to be sure that we aren't missing a bug here.

Thanks again, Art!  I hope this information is useful!

Art Smith

Thanks Crystal.  I was not aware of the variable issue.  I have started hard wiring or switching those variable items to states of an object. 

As far as the other menu issue, it's only happening on 2 of 5 buttons.  I'm going to troubleshoot a little longer.  They only have a couple of triggers associated with each.  I may just delete them and rebuild to see if that corrects the problem.  Trying to work with the same button is not working.

Your feedback was helpful!

Art Smith


Thank you the understanding about using variables to populate text. I've
switched to using states of an object. That is working.

Issue 2: "As for the variables that are not being remembered in the HTML5
output, that doesn't sound quite right to me."

I corrected this by moving off of the base layer and onto a Layer. Why SL
cares, I have no clue. I used the same objects, with same triggers, I just
relocated them. Oddly enough it was only effecting 1/3 of the bottom of
the slide. Of the 5 buttons, only the two bottom ones did not work (when
on the base Layer), all with the same triggers. Crazy huh? On a Layer,
everything worked. I took this path because 3 of 5 buttons worked with
identical logic.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Art, 

It does sound a little crazy, and I know Storyline can behave differently than I'd expect at times - but often it's logic is more sound than my own. 😉

That being said, we're always happy to take a look at your file and confirm - and if we spot a bug then we can get it reported to our team too! Let me know if you still have a copy of the one that wasn't working. 

If not, and you're okay with the new method - no worries. We're here when you need us.