HTML styling does not work when Linking an external HTML file using web object

Jun 13, 2016


Please can anyone help me resolve this, as I am not sure if this is a bug or something I am not doing it correctly. 

I am linking external html files into Storyline using webobject. The html files are produced by me so I have full control of it. I have styled some of the html text as follows

<p style="color:white">1. lorem ipsum etc etc<p>

This works quite well when I view the page in html5 i.e using story_html5.html

However the same does not work when viewing using story.html i.e flash version. The text is there and the whole file is displayed as white so nothing appears on the screen.

Has anyone come across similar issues? Can someone from the staff provide me some help.





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G Ubhare

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your reply.  I did some more work on it and managed to resolve it. It was mainly due to the fact that in HTML5 version the web object background is transparent. My webobject was placed on top of a blue background and the text colour was set to white  so the text was appearing on blue background but on the flash version the web object background was  white and hence white text could not be seen. I changed my web objects background to white and text colour to black so its fine now on all versions.

Is there any reason the web object get a transparent background on the HTML5 version?

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