HTML5 and Animation Compatibiity

In the past, I avoided publishing to HTML5 because several of my animations didn't perform properly.  Flash worked beautifully.  Now I'm being told I can no longer use Flash (per the lack of support) ---- not even the HTML/Flash fallback option.  I'm very concerned.  

Can anyone provide their experience with this issue?  

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Phil Mayor

Depends on the version of Storyline you are using. Storyline 2 is in my opinion end of life and HTML output is not great. Storyline 3 and 360 have new HTML engine and the animations in most cases are as you see in preview (as the preview is now html5 only).

Caveat here the wipe and other masking based animations do not work in IE and legacy Edge or show up well on Mobile browsers.

Terra C

Thank you for your speedy reply.  SL360 is the product.  I just tested it on a course that I am developing (HTML Web Publish).  HTML publish Wipe animation and "dissolve" transition on layers do not work.  It's a technical course so several screen shots --- text is fuzzy.  I'm very concerned.  And "for now" IE continues to be our default.  

Are you saying that once we upload to our LMS and then launch courses in Chrome, it should perform better?

Terra C

Thanks, again, Phil.  I had some earlier correspondence with Articulate about this topic and they reassured me that I could safely publish Flash/HTML5 and this has been ideal for me.  However, I was just informed that there is no trust with Flash so I will be required to no longer use it.  I don't want to produce work that is not quality work.  

Thank you again --- I will test in Chrome.