HTML5 and Internet Explorer

Hi There, 

I feel I know the answer to this is going to be something along the lines of "IE sucks", but need to ask anyway, just to be sure.

I have created a couple courses for a client and they are running them in HTML5.  The courses are running fine on every browser except IE where they are encountering this issue:

The courses just keep spinning at the end on Internet Explorer, and when my client then closes the browser’s window, it doesn't show as completed. 

I have read in other forums that IE had a habit of crashing courses near the end that were running on HTML5...Is that still a thing?  Could that be what is happening here?


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Eric Atkinson

Thanks Jerry, I have proposed an opening message to my client as a possible workaround.

I just wanted to also add a bit more detail.  After some testing, it looks as though the course is always crashing at the moment where course completion status is obtained (we moved this moment around and the crash moved with it).  Also, the issue is on Internet Explorer version 11.