HTML5 Audio and Slide Layers in Storyline -FAIL!

We have a custom interface with a Pause button on it. when the learner clicks this button it shows the slide Layer "pauseLayer". This layer is blank except for a Play button in the same location as the Pause button (to approximate a toggle button). When the user clicks the Play button it hides the slide Layer. We have the "pauseLayer" set to "Pause the main timeline playback".

In the Flash player it works great. Clicking "Pause" pauses the main timeline animation and audio playback. Clicking "Play" resumes from the point it stopped. Perfect!

IN HTML5 it is a failure. Clicking "Pause" stops the playback and audio but clicking "Play" resumes the animation ONLY. The audio never resumes.

Much of their user base is moving to HTML5 over Flash (iPads vs Desktops)

I have tried every possible combination of settings (main layer" reset to initial state on return" vs "resume from last point" vs "let computer decide" No difference. I have had NOTHING but trouble with HTML5 audio and slide layers on multiple projects. Its gettting old.

BTW iPad is running most current iOS so its not that. The same problem occurs on computer browsers running the story_html5.html version too. 

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Eric Rohrer

Hi Brian,

I noticed you post (quoted below) is from June '13. Is there any update on whether you officially support HTML5 on Android? I know Chrome for Android has gone through a few update cycles in the past few months.

Brian Batt said:

 We don't officially support HTML5 on the Android side.  Unfortunately, Android lacks support for a specific HTML5 audio API that has been in place on the Apple side since the first version of iOS 6.

With that being said, the Android version of Google Chrome currently has the audio API in beta.  Once they've pushed that API to its release version, we'll start reviewing content on that browser to see if we can officially support it on the Android side. 

Dann May

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Zio,

I can't speak to Capivates HTML5 capabilities - but there is a method here on how to pause the timeline of your Storyline slide.

Hi Ashley,

That method doesn't seem to work in HTML 5. ? Should it?

(The pause timeline of base layer function when revealing a slide layer.)

I'm pressed by a deadline and have just discovered this isn't working, I was sure it was working when I was testing it a few months ago! :(

Dann May

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Dann,

What update of Storyline are you using/were you using before? I do see where this was reported from another user herebut it doesn't seem to be specific to HTML5, although I know update 6 fixed a number of things within HTML5.

HI Ashley,

I'm using Update 6. 1407.2208 (I think it is the latest?)

Basically the pause base layer function (when showing a slide layer) doesn't work in HTML5. The flash version works fine (exported from the same file). Could you find out if it is meant to work?

Thanks for the quick reply.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dann,

That is the latest update and I haven't seen or noticed a change in that with Update 6, but would you have a sample file or link you could share here with us? Just want to take a look at all your slide properties and layer settings. Also, are you seeing this in the HTML5 content within Chrome or on your iPad mobile Safari? 

Dann May

Hi Ashley, 


I'm seeing it on both my PC in those browsers when I launch directly from the HTML file and on iPAD. I'm about to head off home for the week, but next week I'll see if I can pair down one of our files to show you (they are quite large, so sending the whole thing might not be optimal)






Vin Eiamvuthikorn

Hi Ashley, I've got the same issue on the HTML5 version. The issue seems to surface sporadically on PC (Chrome), but consistence on iPad.

In my attached example (slide 4 to 8), I simply added the 'Show layer "Introduction" When the timeline starts'. In the slide layer properties of the "Introduction" slide, I selected the "Pause timeline of base layer". And in the "Introduction" layer, i simply added a continue button that trigger 'Hide layer "this layer" When the user clicks'.

This works very well in the Flash version, but not on the HTML.

Please advice,


Vin Eiamvuthikorn

This interim solution somewhat working, and the base slide pause properly on the HTML version now. Unfortunately, when the user click anywhere on the seeker bar, the "Introduction" layer will pop-up again (on both Flash and HTML versions). I'm not sure why Storyline trigger the 'Show layer "Introduction" When the timeline reaches 0.1s' everytime the user click anywhere on the seeker bar. Is there a way to prevent this?

Looking forward to the update!


James Marsh

I had a similar issue. I have an on screen live action video host who when a button is clicked, pauses as another video host comes on (from layers) and gives a "tip" to the viewer. In HTML 5 the "Tipster" would come up and just show the first frame with no audio. I put in a trigger that checks the state of the clicked button and forces the video in the layer to play and it seems to work. So, I have video/audio in layers that I've managed to get to work in HTML 5.