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Sam Carter

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

Hello Sam,

I recently tested for this exact thing, here are my findings.

Chrome : Does not work
Skyfire for iPad : Works
Atomic Web : Does not work

Mercury Browser : Works

Puffin : Does not  work in html5, works in flash.

Were these tests run from an LMS or just stand-alone HTML5?

Alexandros Anoyatis

Standalone HTML5.

You can't really be sure how those browsers react when dealing with reporting (it would depend on the browser and - I assume - on the LMS too), so you'd have to test to see which of the two (Skyfire or Mercury) play nice with your LMS of choice.

Another solution might be Puffin (the last one in the bunch) which does a decent job displaying flash content on an iPad I believe, but if you intend to use an LMS, the performance hit may be a dealbreaker.