Html5 click trigger with animation

Jul 26, 2016

i am making a html5 app using articulate 2  , the app is some balloons animated using motion bath to fly from the bottom of the slide to the top using trigger when timestarts play animation  and another trigger when animation complete move to motion bath, the user should click on the balloons , the correct ones change state to hidden and the wrong ones change state to disable .

the app works fine in the preview and swf version but with the html5 , the click triggers doesn't work at all when the object is moving , i tried tracing the problem and found that when i click on the start position of the balloon , (the balloon is far away on the slide ) it works as if i clicked on the ballon, until the balloon riches its destination , i tried and changed the balloon with shape  and still same thing ,
any ideas ?! 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mohamed -- Thanks for sharing your file and sorry for your troubles! I looked into the case that Vu had submitted a number of months ago and yes, this does appear to be an issue that has already been reported to our QA team for additional investigation. Unfortunately, I do not have a workaround or a timeframe to share in which this may be addressed but a link to this discussion will be added to the ticket so that any additional updates received will be shared at that time. In the meantime, perhaps others will have some additional ideas to suggest here, as well.

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