HTML5 color scheme doesn't work correctly

Hey everybody,

i've got a problem again.

I designed my player style with wonderful colors .

When I tested the published version for html5, he did't take the colors for the tabs: glossary and resources (see pictures below).

Did anyone have the same problem with html5 & the player style? Is there a solution?

Can I change something in the .css file?

Best regards


  • "html5 version"
  • "flash version"

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marina,

Thanks for sharing the images here. I tried to create a player that matched your set up, and published to HTML5 and loaded it to Tempshare and tested it on my iPad. The image below shows that the player colors matched how I had them set up, and I see the same set up for Flash or the HTML5 version.

 Are you able to create a Presenter package and share your course with us here? Or if you'd like to share a link to a published version I could try testing that as well.  If you'd prefer to share privately, you can also share with us here.