HTML5 compatible animations from Flash sources?

May 15, 2014


I'm brand new to the Storyline community, and I would need help on my project.

My team and I usually build HTML5 modules with JavaScript engine, and use Articulate Storyline to ensure an alternative for IE<8 compatibility.

But currently, I'm trying to refactor an old Flash module to make it available on tablets, in which there is an animated character (moving, talking, standing). First I embed SWF animations, but as expected, it works in HTML output, but doesn't show in HTML5 output.

It would be quite long to recreate the animation step by step via images... I've heard about Adobe Edge Animate but we don't own it here. Have you got any solution or suggestion for me?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurine and welcome to Heroes! 

The SWF animations won't be supported within the HTML5 output as detailed here  so if you'd like to view the content within HTML5 you'll need to use a different video type. If it's not an interactive video (in the sense that the user doesn't interact with it) you could convert it to another video file type and insert that into your content, and the different supported file types are detailed here  and you'll also want to review how Storyline will encode different video types. 

I'm not familiar with Adobe Edge Animate, or similar programs, so I hope that if someone in the community has used something similar they're able to chime in here. 

Laurine Peyrard

Thanks for your quick response !

It's not an interactive video so that seems indeed a good idea ! But after several tries I can't render the transparent background and my character is surrounded by white, which hide the background pattern. Maybe I don't have the right soft to do it ? Is that a particular movie format to focus on ?

Bruce Holliday


There's a couple of solutions you could try.

Google Swiffy at

This will convert swf to html5. The limiting factor is that it won't work with swfs greater than 1 mb.

The other option is to use Adobe Edge, its free I think and its easy to rebuild animations from scratch with interactions too.

Hope that helps.

Laurine Peyrard


Tried Google Swiffy, it works very well (my animations are quite light).
However, when I export the output html link as a web object in Articulate Storyline, here comes again this annoying white background... And it's pretty difficult to manipulate.

About Edge Animate, I download it but I've got only a 30 days trial version...
Thanks for your help anyway. 

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