HTML5 content not playing in Safari iOS7

Mar 18, 2014

Hello Forum,

I've published two separate files with HTML5 and attempted to play them on my ipad in Safari. Both modules work on my laptop, both modules work on the ipad in chrome and both files played perfectly in the AMP app. I've combed the forums and saw that private browsing must be disabled so I disabled private browsing and tried again. Still no luck. I thought it might then be an issue with my cache holding onto the first version so I renamed and tried again. All of the above yield a white screen. I get the Articulate "loading wheel" then the screen goes white and nothing else happens.

Does anyone know what might be happening here? Any help would be much appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nadia,

What update of Storyline are you using? We're currently on update 5, and there was a fix in update 4 about content not displaying in Safari when hosted on the LMS. 

If you're on update 5 and/or not hosting your course within an LMS could you share a link to the published output here and I can test on my iPad as well. 

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