HTML5 doesn't render all fonts at random times

Oct 18, 2018

Posted this somewhere before and I've seen other threads that state the same.

We are finding that slides that render properly in SL 360 "Preview" occasionally publish with jibberish text.

I've submitted a .story and .zip which demonstrate the problem in the story_html5.html.  story_flash.html plays the text just fine.

This is a serious problem with SL 360 reliably publishing text.  The only way to identify that the published result is OK is to walk through every slide.

So when we make a minor change in a .story file (like replacing one image)  we need to walk through all slides after publishing to make sure the published output is OK.

If we find a problem, then reboot, republish, and repeat until it works.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sam,

I just resent the last reply that Joshua sent to you in case you missed it, but here's what he found:

What we found is that there seems to be an issue with using standalone Bebas Neue font alongside the Bebas Neue font family as there is overlap in regular versions of the font. 

In doing research, I see that Adobe Font warns about sync issues in using these fonts together: 'Note that you may encounter sync and/or activation issues when attempting to use multiple versions of Bebas Neue concurrently.' on the page here: 

That said, I found that if you simply use the Bebas Neue Regular font from the font family Bebas Neue by Fontfabric (based on v1.4) in place of the stand-alone font that the issue is resolved. 

Want to give this a try and let me know how it goes for you? 

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