HTML5 for LMS & IPAD issue

May 27, 2013

Hi All,

I have developed a course to be viewed on LMS and IPad.  The training works fine when viewed on  the PC,  but when it is viewed on the IPAD using the LMS (internet),  we have resolution issues.  Other posts indicate the App should be used, but as we have tracking on the quiz we can not achieve this without further testing with our Moodle site and the Tin Can API (at this stage).

My quick solution for this is to resize the course so that it fits inside the LMS when used by an Ipad.

*  Attached is an image of the issue I have, where the right side and the bottom are chopped off.

Are you able to provide the correct resolution to be viewed on ipad, with the full menu in use on the side? Also, any other functions that should be enabled within the LMS?

Many thanks,

Nat.  :o)

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Adebare Showemmo

Hi, Natalie,

When developing Articulate Project for IPAD and PC, you need to define a screen size inside Articulate Storyline for the Output to work perfectly on IPAD and PC. I usually use 960 by 640, this work perfectly for IPAD and PC and better if you can remove the menu bar from left and right side of the player and place at the top. 

To view articulate on IPAD, you need Articulate Mobile Player for IPAD to launch iOS otherwise it will pick up HTML output if you enable HTML5 in the publishing output.

The screen shot is an example, to work perfectly on PC,IPAD, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note II etc.

You can also read more about this here : 

6 Tips on Designing Courses for iPad with Articulate Storylin

Written by Mayra Aixa Villar, Freelance Instructional Designer for eLearning and mLearning 

Hope this help.


Natalie Van Doren

Thanks Showemimo,

The course needs to be viewed as HTML5 on the web and not through the app, as the quiz in the course is being tracked to LMS. I saw the post about needing the Tin Can API so the App and the LMS talk to each other, but we are unable to apply this and test them together at this stage.  

I was hoping to publish as HTML5 only for now, and exclude the Engage content.  It does open up, but the sizing seems all wrong. Also, this particular course needs the Articulate Menu. 

Was that one of the issues with HTML5 -  that the player did not function correctly on the ipad when viewed without the App?

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