HTML5 in Secure Servers not showing in Storyline 360 Web Object


I am trying to show a website in an eLearning I'm building using the web object tool in Storyline 360.  The web object tool does not seem to display sites that begin with "https://".  More specifically, I am trying to embed a presentation I built in BranchTrack (example:  My questions is twofold:

Is there something I am missing to be able to embed and show a website on a slide?  Is there a way to import the the HTML5 code from a website to show on a slide?  Thank for your answer(s)!

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Kobie Huff

I got this fixed!  I was able to export the HTML from Branchtrack and import this into the Web Object.  This worked better than trying to link to an external server as my HTML is now embedded locally and doesn't have to deal with any firewalls.  I do have another question however and am starting a new thread...