HTML5 Issue

We want to integrate quizzes created with Articulate Storyline 1 with a web application. For compatibility, we'd like to support both the HTML + Flash and the HTML5 versions of the quiz that Articulate Storyline creates when exporting the quiz.

 We currently use a simplistic integration via a JavaScript trigger when the Quiz Results slide is displayed. This javascript trigger makes an AJAX call to our web application sending over the resulting score and the details of the questions and answers selected by the student during the quiz.

 To accomplish that, we are reading two javascript variables that Articulate exposes:

 g_oContentResults: containing the resulting score

g_listQuizzes: the quiz details with the questions and answers.

For the HTML + Flash version of the quiz, this works properly without any issues. However, the HTML5 version the variable g_listQuizzes is empty. We really need to send over the quiz's questions and answers over to our system, so we analyzed every javascript variable that Articulate exposes, and also the player contents we can retrieve by calling the GetPlayer() function, but none of them seem to contain the quiz details we require.

Is there a way to obtain the quiz details in the HTML5 version of the quiz?

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