Html5 issues...

Feb 19, 2015

Hey folks,

Anyone know how to fix buttons in Storyline so they work in html5 correctly? For example, I tested a course out on my iPad and I swear I had to click the next button like 3-4 times before it would move forward! Ugh. Same thing happened with the submit button. It was intermittent too. 

Second, the audio scrubber and icons sometimes shifted a little from screen to screen. Weird!

Finally, for the drag and drops, when I dragged an item to it's drop target it would drag underneath the drop target. Ugh! 

I really hope these are easy fixes. I want our html5 version to be flawless!! :-) 

Thanks so so much for your help! 






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Phil Mayor

For the next button, Storyline loads all content for the slide as you hit next this may mean it is slow to jump if there are lots of graphics, audio and video on the next slide.

I would check you do not have restricted menu set as this can delay the Next button being activated.

Dragging underneath is something that I have seen and can be a pain to resolve, I even tried adding to the slide master which didn't fix it, I ended up having to remove the object that was being dragged onto.


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