HTML5 issues | IOS 8 | SL2 - Update1 (1410.204)

Oct 28, 2014

Hi All,

 I recently viewed my existing course (that was developed in Storyline 1) in IOS 8 and came across a few shocking issues such as the audio not playing when reloading the screens, and the transcript heading is not visible etc.

 Then I came to know that Storyline 2 Update 1 (1410.204) has the solution for this. So I downloaded the trial version and viewed the course. Again I was shocked to see the following issues (the first screen below is taken from an iPAD running iOS 8):

  • The Play/pause button is not visible
  • The reload icon is not in the correct position
  •  The Exit button alignment is not correct 
  • The menu and Exit separator symbol (|) is not visible
  • The transcript line space is not proper (Both HTML and HTML5)

I am wondering if anyone has come across these issues in the latest version of Storyline, and if there is any solution to resolve this issue. 

 Right now the HTML5 output of both Storyline 1 and 2 is not working properly on iOS 8. Please help!

SL2 Issue snapshot



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Nirmal AP

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your response and good to hear that you do not see the issues in SL1. However still we have facing the issues in SL 1 too. This issue is appearing in other courses too. recently i have checked another course, the same issue is appearing.

Here is our environment.

iOS 8.1 (12B410)
iPAD model : iPAD2

Storyline version: 1.7.1410.2419

Is there is any workaround to solve the issues in SL1. And any update from your QA team on SL2?.

Looking forward



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