HTML5 Issues - Logo & Results Displaying


I'm hoping one of the experts here might be able to shed some light on 2 issues I've been having with the HTML5 output of the attached module. The first has to do with the test results not displaying on the results slide. No matter how many questions I get right, the result displays as 0%. In doing some research, this issue was supposedly fixed in Update 2 of Storyline. I'm running on Update 3 and am wondering if anyone else has seen this or knows what I can do to resolve it.

The 2nd item is regarding the course player. If I use the standard storyline player and change all the colors to match what I need for my client, it publishes out fine. However, the minute I save that course player and then publish the file out (without any other edits), it is fine in the flash version of the course but the HTML5 version launches with the logo not being displayed. It's just a grey box with an icon in the middle. I'm attaching zipped output so one of you can provide some insight on this. It's such a pain to have to manually change all the colors every single time I open the course. Even if I leave it as the default storyline player and reopen the file (which retains the colors), it will publish with HTML5 not displaying logo.

Any thoughts on either item?

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Jamie Morgan

Just a follow-up, received a solution from Articulate Support on the logo issue. Here is their solution:

"For the logo issue, can you try to use a PNG version of your logo instead of a JPG? Let's see if the issue will still happen using a different image format."

I changed the logo to a PNG and it has been reliable on 3 different publish cycles of the course, so seems to have fixed the issue.

Jamie Morgan

Also received a response regarding the score not displaying in the HTML5 version of the course. Looks like this is a bug in Storyline, see response below:

"We were able to reproduce the issue on both web and via LMS when we tried the quiz in the story file you uploaded.

We have reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine a workaround.

It looks like if you modify the layout of the quiz question, the answers will not be recognized by the Results Slide in the HTML5 version. You can see this when you review the quiz. Everything is incorrect.

I tried inserting a new question without modifying anything and when I reviewed it, it is the only one that got recognized and has a score.

I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be addressed."

Just wanted to share in case someone else runs into this issue, sounds like it comes up only when you modify the "out of the box" questions, which is what I did.