HTML5 issues remain in Chrome 12 :( Please help!

May 18, 2012

I have read through the html5 compatibility/comparison chart, but I still have some issues that prevent me from safely publishing in html5.

NOTE: All the below issues are JUST with the HTML5 output and NOT with the Flash version

Issue 1: Moving gif files show a pink blinking background

Issue 2: Arrow and free-line shapes that were inserted won't show up anymore (except maybe 1 out of the 10 published)

Issue 3: Misalignment of some shapes/buttons

I saw that Firefox wasn't supported, so I am ok if I just had to tell users to use Chrome.....BUT this happens all in Chrome (latest download)

:( please tell me this is not happening :( The most important reason for my enthusiasms about SL is HTML5 output!!

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