HTML5 Makes My Program Go Pear-Shaped (To Describe It Nicely)

I designed a simple video/training program in Storyline 2 that did two things: 1) cut the program down into smaller chapters and 2) allow users to click on the small slides shown in the screen's corner to enlarge them and then shrink them as needed for easier viewing (using the "state" function").  The program works beautifully in the CD package.  However, in the HTML5 version, it goes pear-shaped.  

The issues are: 1) The videos don't auto play like they do normally.  I'm not sure how to make this happen in HTML5 like it does normally, 2) When the slides are enlarged via a user click (changed state) they get large but then they cannot be clicked again to go back to small like in the normal CD package.  I'm not sure why this is different in HTML5 and I'm not sure how to fix this.  

Can anyone assist me?  This is a big "show me" program for my organization around Storyline2.  I am trying to excite them on this platform but need help cleaning this up.  I can send anyone the file to see, but it is large so I will need to use another method.  Just let me know.  Please help!!  I will fill you in on where I work and my work information when you contact me should you need that.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lance,

I'm not sure what you mean by "pear shaped" - so perhaps you could share some images or examples here? Also you mentioned publishing for CD, which does not include a HTML5 output option.

If you need to share privately you can always send your .story files along to our team here. 

Lance Crowe


Ha!  "Pear shaped" is slang for it didn't run correctly (versus being perfectly round).  I'm not sure where it started but it is part of our local terminology to keep things clean when we are frustrated.  As for publishing in the CD format (as Articulate terms it), we are running the same solution on laptops and iPads so I realize this CD version doesn't have HTML5, which is why it runs in that package so well.  The HTML5 version is where I am having the issues I noted versus the Flash (or CD) version.  I have run through everything I can think of and it simply escapes me why it works so beautifully in CD and not in HTML5.  

I will try to send you the file to see if you have suggestions.  Once I can learn what the work-arounds are I can build our future solutions with them in mind, but I cannot have this come up every time I publish.  It was part of what I thought Storyline2 was going to solve (code once ... get the solution packaged twice).  

I will try to send you the file ...

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lance, 

Totally new term for me - but I'm going to work it into my life, as I kinda love it. :-) 

So for the HTML5 version, are you publishing for web and then uploading to a server? Testing that locally could be a part of the problem - and then you'll also want to confirm you're testing in the supported browsers detailed here. Also, there are some known differences between Flash and HTML5 output documented here