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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kendra, 

Where are you hosting the HTML5 file? Also what browsers did you use to test it in? You'll want to confirm you upload it into the intended environment and then test in one of the supported HTML5 browsers here. 

Is there a reason you're only selecting the HTML5 output for your web publish and not your LMS publish? The SCORM output should also be able to include the HTML5 output. 

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Ashley, I'm Kendra's colleague and am the LMS administrator for the site, and Kendra asked me to pop in here and see if I can find anything out.

The project will ultimately be published as a SCORM, but the online system we are using for the SME review process (ReviewLink) requires that Storyline files be published for web (not SCORM).

Here's something I was wondering, is the HTML5 output from the web-published version the same as the HTML5 output for the SCORM?

Thank you for the note about browsers. Kendra confirmed that she was using the latest Chrome when she encountered the error. The error does not occur in the SCORM version in our LMS or on SCORMcloud, and it's fine in Storyline according to Kendra. The HTML5 web-published output is the only place where the lock-up is happening.

Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer, 

Thanks for popping into this thread and I'd be happy to help clarify it. 

The HTML5 output for web vs. SCORM will include different files just based on the SCORM tracking component, so if you need to upload to the Review site, I'd recommend publishing as Web and then uploading to the site. 

I'm downloading now to test the file as well on my end to see what specifically is on that slide that may be causing the issue. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer and Kendra,

I downloaded the file and didn't see anything out of the ordinary with that slide, so I published it for HTML5 and uploaded to Tempshare. You can view a direct link to the HTML5 output here and I clicked through fairly quickly to see if I could get it to freeze and everything worked normally there. Do you want to test that one and let me know how it behaves for you?