HTML5 Output and ressources files

Mar 19, 2021


I'm having some issues with my file in the resources tab. The tab opens, but when I click on the .pdf file nothing happens.

I've tried Chrome, IE and Edge. But my organisation uses only IE (but in the future we will use Edge)

I am using storyline 3 and I publish for HTML5.

I can see my file in my folder story_content / external_files.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Elizabeth!

Sorry, you're running into this snag with PDFs in the Resources Tab! I've tested this on my end using Storyline 3 and Chrome. I've published the course for Web and uploaded it to Tempshare. I'm not running into any issues opening the PDF located in the Resources tab. Here's the link. This link will expire in 10 days.

I'd recommend publishing your course for either Web or LMS and loading it on either a web server or Learning Management System. You can also use Tempshare. After the course is located on a web server or LMS, the PDF should work as expected.

If you'd like me to take a look at your project, you can attach it to this discussion or share it with our team in a support case.