HTML5 Output does not Launch on iPad after SL Update

We are using Saba 5.5 - lucky us... We finally had success in launching SL content on iPad with Update 3 (1305.2012) - we were very happy We updated one of our systems with Update 4 (1311.1422) and now anything we publish with it does not launch on iPad - not good. We have confirmed that it is infact an Update issue because if we take a v4 course that is not working and publish it with v3 everything launches fine from Saba on the iPad. Thoughts??? -Fred

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frederick and welcome to Heroes! 

There were a number of HTML5 fixes in Update 4, which may be contributing to your issue. Have you reviewed the release notes?  Additionally, were you able to test one of these courses at SCORM Cloud to see if the courses you published in Update 4 worked there? If so, you may want to connect with your LMS team about supporting updates. If you're still having difficulty in SCORM Cloud, can you share the .story file with us here so that we can do some testing as well? You're also welcome to send it along to us privately here.