HTML5 output is terrible quality

Aug 09, 2016


Before I start, let me preface with saying that I have already read the support article 'Objects Are Blurry or Pixelated in HTML5 Content' , and followed the instructions to lock the player at optimum size.

I have also read through this and this discussion previously posted on the forum, and it is clear that I am not the only one who has experienced this issue.

Instead of resurrecting the previously mentioned threads which are two and three years old respectively, I felt it was prudent to make a new thread in the hopes that, as three years have passed since the issue was raised, that a real solution now exists from Articulate.

My issue is that the HTML5 output that Storyline produces is of completely unacceptable quality. The text in my course is almost unreadable.

The fact that objects aren't vectored in HTML5 is simply not an excuse, as Ryan Martin mentions here; the bug is completely inconsistent across different objects, text and states, therefore this must be a problem with Storyline itself.

Could someone please advise me as to whether there is a now a fix to this behaviour and if not when Articulate plan to resolve this issue?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

There is a lot of HTML5 behavior in relation to the blurriness or non-crisp font that is by design, based on how our team accounted for memory issues with HTML5 content and to help it load easier. With that being said, your description of "unreadable" seems a bit more involved and I'd like to get a copy of on of your files to share with our QA leads to take a look at. You can send it along here to me privately or you can share it here in the forums using the add attachment button. I'll want a copy of the .story file and if you're using a special nonstandard font, I'll need that as well. 

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