HTML5 Output Issues

Dec 08, 2015

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem to mine.

I'm trying to build an interactive training course but seem to be having some issues when I publish it (with including HTML5 output). The slide layers and triggers don't seem to be working correctly.


For example, in one of the exercises the user is required to move 4 labels onto a 4 separate barrels. Right now, the user is able to move the first barrel label but none after this. The way I set it up is to show different slide layers once a trigger is hit. It seems as if the user is unable to get to any of the other layers after the first trigger though.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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Alex Arathoon

I sympathies as these niggly issues can take a while to resolve.
I'm having a similar issue after a number of slides certain buttons no longer work - I get roll over state but they won't do anything it's like the module locks-up.

Due to the module needing to be mobile friendly I've had to kill off the regular 'NEXT' 'PREV' buttons as they brought up the annoying iPhone menu. I've created custom buttons in my master template which still work but the other buttons do not. Not sure if it's all the audio I'm using killing he process or what. I'm experimenting with creating new Hotspots instead of invisible rectangles and  markers to see if this works instead.

Are you having an issue when previewing your work in Articulate or when you output? Have you tried it locally on your machine or on a server?

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