HTML5 output lags on mobile devices

I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem of sluggish performance with SL360 HTML5 output.  Where tapping on a button should immediately jump to a slide, sometimes I have to tap repeatedly or press and hold to get the desired response.  The slides in question are simple text and shapes with simple triggers as buttons.  The lag in response is not acceptable to my clients.

What parameters can affect response time when an object is tapped?  Is it something under my control or does it depend on the Storyline output code, the size of the story - which may affect the amount of memory available, the type of server, the device it's viewed on (phones and tablets running Chrome and Safari) or something else?

I want to develop bullet-proof HTML5 training using Storyline. The creation tools are great but so far the playback experience seems buggy and slow. 


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Matthew Bibby

In the past when I've seen this it has usually been due to issues on the LMS side of things.

Does the course behave like that when viewing it locally? How about if you upload it to SCORM Cloud and test it there? If it work fine in SCORM Cloud, then speak with your LMS administrators about allocating more RAM to the LMS or hosting it on it's own server (rather than a shared server with 100s of other instances).