HTML5 Output of Courses

Generally, we publish a course to HTML5 format in Articulate Studio, or Storyline, to make it play in all browsers and devices. Now assume that while designing a course, we added flash-based elements on only some screens. Now, when this course is published to HTML5 format, will the flash-based screens in the HTML5 output open in all browsers without needing a Flash player? Will the flash-based screens get optimized in the HTML5 format; so that they run without Flash player?

Thanking you in advance.

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Angad Jadhav

Thanks Matthew. However, if I am launching the Index.HTML5 file for the course, do I still need flash player installed to open the pages that have some flash based elements? I thought HTML5 output in storyline optimizes such pages automatically so that they open in HTML5 compliant browser, without flash player. Kindly share your thoughts. 

Thanking you.