HTML5 output randomly changes the page background colour.


I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on an ongoing issue I have, essentially, when creating content the standard page background should be white, this is set as such in the player.

When testing the course on flash it's working 100% correctly, however when testing on HTML5 it randomly changes the page background on certain slides.

Is there any reason for this, and if so is there a way to remedy this (preferably without creating a white shape on top of my slide as default).

Furthermore whilst using Storyline 3 - I've encountered another more serious error. Whilst devloping a new course there have been modifications that have been uploaded to the LMS. When these modifications are displayed on flash they are 100% correct as to the project file, however they are not displayed on the HTML5 version as being amended.

Please see the attached screenshots for both issues present with HMTL5.

Honestly this has been more of an issue than expected since updating to Storyline 3.

As you will see the flash version is displaying correctly with a white page background however the html5 does not.

Also you will notice the 2 numbers are not the same on both versions, this course has been run off the same LMS with the same login details on 2 different browsers one with flash one with html5.



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John Willis

I've cleared my cache(no change to the course whatsoever), and as previously mentioned i've tested this on two seperate web browsers so cache wouldn't of been an issue.

This appears to be an issue where the HTML5 version will not update correctly on screen. Also the change of the page background colour is still prominent after clearing cache.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John, sorry you're running into these issues. Can you help me with a few questions?

  1. Link isn't updating to the newest version: You mentioned you used two separate browsers to test this--which browsers did you use? Also, is this an issue that you are able to reproduce when testing in SCORM Cloud? This will help determine if the issue lies within your LMS or the actual project file. 
  2. Incorrect background color: I haven't seen this mentioned before, so we'd like to take a peek into your file. Can you send it to our team by clicking here? Be sure to let us know which slides are causing you the most trouble. 
John Willis

Hi Alyssa,

 Thank you for your reply, the two browser's i've tested this on are Internet Explorer (flash enabled) and Mozilla Firefox (flash disabled)

 1. I've uploaded this to the scorm cloud, I can see in this that versions when altered and reuploaded have been correctly adjusted, i've tested this via my LMS an altered the run location slightly by adding ?ver=0.1 at the end of the link however this doesn't show the amendment. Even after clearing cache and changing the link again the updated version still doesn't display via HTML5.

 2. Thank you for the link, i've uploaded this to your support team, however whilst testing issue one via scorm cloud, I have noticed that the issue with the page background colour is still persistant.

 Thank you.