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Ashley Terwilliger

HI Jay and welcome to Heroes!

Storyline content will still include the flash files, and based on how your users are accessing the course - Storyline will determine which version to show them. If you'd prefer to ensure that they access the HTML5 version you can point directly to the story_html5.html file within your published output - and you'll just want to remind users to access the course through a supported HTML5 browser.

Hope that helps!

Jay Sprout

At first, I rejected the "Web Object" route because I thought it was just a link to a file stored elsewhere, but, if I'm understanding this correctly, this method embeds all that HTML5/JS stuff into the Storyline project so when I publish for LMS, it's all still in one package? If so, that would really rock. I'll start experimenting while I wait for your confirmation--thanks!