HTML5 Playback on Chrome and Safari


I have had quite a few clients who create content using Storyline. Over the last week we have seen that all of specific clients courses are no longer rendering correctly when played back on HTML5 in Safari or Chrome. I have tested in Chrome version 47 and can see the issue. The player loads, and there is audio but the course's content will not display. If you enable Flash, all is well again.

I am just wondering if there is a more recent issue at play than this issue as version 44 was some time ago and this has only come to light this week? 




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question, and unfortunately, when I clicked on the link you provided, the thread was no longer available. Could you possibly take a look at this thread, Storyline HTML5 content not displaying in Chrome or Safari, but works fine in Firefox and let me know if the responses offered shed a little more light? 

And if you would like to share your file, we're always happy to take a closer look for you. :)