HTML5 player not working with number variables stored in Quiz results

Apr 15, 2015

I have a very technical problem that seems to be a bug with the latest version of Articulate Storyline 2. I have an interactive scenario that is being graded based on choices not quiz results. I have created variables that store the results of each branching decision as a numerical value. Using the following workaround guide I have added quiz slides that transfer the variables into a quiz slides and a results slide that passes this information into my LMS. It all works and tested perfectly using the flash player. However as soon as I use the HTML5 player it hangs on the first quiz slide and I cannot go any further. It is as if the HTML5 player does not suppport submitting the quiz result.

I have attached a short example of the problem. If you preview the project you will see it jumps straight to the results slide with the correct result shown, If you publish and open the HTML5 version it will hang on the calculating screen. This is with the latest version of Google Chrome.

Any help with this issue or suggested work arounds most appreciated!

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Christian King

After a little more testing it seems that you have to click into the quiz entry field, change the value and hit "enter" when using HTML5, before you can submit a value and progress to the next slide. This behaviour differs from the flash version which allows you to submit a value without having to click into the field and hit enter. Is there any way around this limitation?

Christian King

After further testing it may seem to be related to the type of survey quiz I have chosen. I am using How Many, because I am storing numerical values, but if i choose Short Answer as the question type it seems to work. This may solve the problem I guess but I'm still wondering why these two question types behave differently in HTML5?

Christian King

Yes thats right Leslie. Because I am using variables to score my course (there are no right/wrong answers just shades of grey) I need to save the variables to the LMS at the end of the course.  To do this I created the quiz slides which automatically copies the final score variable into the quiz and then submits this with no learner input. This works fine in Flash, but if you publish a HTML5 version, you need to click into the box enter a value and then click does not automatically submit. The problem is not specfic to my project and easily replicated by following this guide and using a How Many survey type: Of course if a learner has access to changing the final score value they can "cheat".

Like I said the problem is specific to the use of the How Many survey type, using Short Answer does seem to work (will be redoing the whole project to add this later today). My OCD has issues using a text box  for a number variable..but that's just my problem :)

The greater issue is the inconsistency between Flash behaviour and HTML5 behaviour.  Perhaps if Storyline had a HTML5 preview option it may make it easier for users to test and pick up these player inconsistencies.

Christian King

Houston we have a problem. I just realised that number variables and text variables don't talk to each other. So I can't parse a number variable into a Short Answer text box. And because my scenario involves calculation of a score this means I can't use text I'm back to my original problem.

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the update Christian. I cannot speak to the inconsistency you are seeing, but I am going to use your example and get this reported to our QA Team to investigate. 

I know this does not help your current issue and I am not aware of a way for you to accomplish what you are asking since you are constrained by the need to send number variables to your LMS.

I have seen others share a desire to have an HTML5 preview option as well and you are welcome to submit thought here if you'd like.

Christian King

Thanks Leslie if this can be fixed in an update I would be eternally grateful. After a good nights sleep I have come up with a workaround solution. I will round the final score to a value of between 1 and 10, and then create 10 different triggers that use a condition to check if the score is 1,2,3,4...or 10 and assign a corresponding value to the textbox. I would rather a score out of 100, but 100 triggers to do this is going to be rather unmanageable! Hope this helps anyone else out there who comes across the same problem.

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