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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Tony and thanks for posting that picture. I did a quick test in both Storyline 1 and 2, and you're right, Storyline 1 does not seem to show resource items in their customized color when viewed as html5 output (though the color does show correctly in regular flash output). It appears this issue was fixed with the release of Storyline 2, because output published from SL2 shows the color correctly in both flash and html5.  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony,

I'm glad Jeanette was able to assist you here in regards to the issue with the resource color. I do see that the issue was reported to our QA team and is still open in regards to SL1 but was fixed in SL2. I don't have any additional information to share in regards to a fix for SL1, but it seems like the manual editing of the CSS allowed you to fix this on your end, so you'll want to continue using that workaround going forward.