HTML5 Publishing Issues

I have a Storyline file with some slides in it with multiple layers. We want the user to view each layer before the custom "next" button becomes active. 

To do this I've added True/False variables so the "Next" button layer is only shown once all layers are "True." This works in preview mode within storyline, however when I publish to HTML5 the "Next" button layer does not show up consistently. It sometimes will work for the first slide we have this one but not for the subsequent slides. 

Two questions:

1. Does anyone know why this would be happening? 

2. Is there an alternative method to using True/False for this? I have my base layer, 5 additional layers with info the user will click through. After all layers are viewed, a layer with a custom "next" button will appear and allow the user to move forward in the module. 

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Philip Roy

I use maths...or math as they say elsewhere. Rather than explain, see attached...slide 2 is the one with the example.

Note in the example I have all layers showing...but you can change that. I also have the back button always going back an entire slide, but you could code it to go back a layer by subtracting 1.

Hope that helps.