HTML5 Question Pool reporting

Oct 17, 2013

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Hi heroes,


I ran into a problem when flash and HTML5 versions of the course are reporting the same questions with different interaction IDs to the LMS. The course has some knowledge check questions in the middle of the course and a question bank that is used for a final assessment. Final assessment is on a new scene.


Flash reports all questions as it is supposed to do, e.g. Scene2_Slide10_MultiChoice_0_0.

HTML5 reports fine when questions are not in the question pool. For question pool questions, it reports scene as “undefined”, e.g. undefined_Slide13_MultiChoice_1_0, whereas flash reports the same standard way (Scene4_Slide13_MultiChoice_1_0).


This doesn’t look like a big issue, but it gives a headache when building reports from the LMS.


Is there any way to solve this?

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