HTML5 Quiz recording all questions wrong

I cannot find anything on the site that addresses this and the HTML5 compat page says it should work, but when I run my assessment with a 15-question pool that offers 10 questions to the learner, it works perfectly in Flash but gives a zero score every time in HTML5 (testing in both Chrome and Firefox). In the review, it shows every answer is incorrect. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated as many in my audience use HTML5 to consume our content.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dave,

It sounds like your question slides may have a setting of "reset to initial state" as a part of their revisiting properties? You may find that questions are scored incorrectly when the following conditions are true:

*  Question slides are configured to reset to their initial states when revisiting.
*  You're viewing HTML5 output.
This is a known issue. See this article for more information.  In the meantime, use either of the following methods to avoid this behavior:
  • Configure question slides to automatically decide when revisiting.
  • View the quiz in a Flash-enabled browser or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad.
Dave LeFevre

All my questions in the pool are set to "Automatically decide" (all the slides in the whole course are set that way). But as I said, it is in HTML5 that this problem is occurring, not in Flash output. Are you saying that with HTML5 output, quiz results will simply not be recorded? In other words, you listed two conditions that are known to cause problems. Are you saying both conditions together cause the problem or either one individually? I'm assuming the latter since the first one is not relevant in my situation but want to confirm before I tell my 200,000 learners that they can't take my course in HTML5...

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dave,

Have you tried to use "resume saved state" on your questions to see if the behavior persists? If your users will be taking the course on a regular PC or Mac, they'll generally see the Flash content, unless you send along the story_html5.html link instead of the story.html link. HTML5 is generally for viewing on mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bryan,

This thread was with Storyline 1 - but as you mentioned you're using Storyline 2, and it looks like that was fixed in Storyline 2. You mentioned testing Automatically decide and resume saved state - did you see the same with those? Can you tell me where you were testing the HTML5 content? You'll want to ensure you're using one of the browsers detailed here. 

Bryan Bugslag

I get the same result when testing with automatically decide and resume saved state. I'm on a Windows 7 machine using Firefox 38.0.1 but I just tested it with Chrome 43.0.2357.65 m and I got the same result. It works correctly in Flash but not in HTML5. With the HTML5 version the questions are coming back as incorrect even though they are correct.

Tom Dalgaard Petersen

Hi Ashley,

I use storyline 2 with the latest update.

Anyway I found a solution. The case is, that the way system variables loads is different in HTML-view vs Flash. First time you run the course Result(n).PassPoint for a given quiz is 0. It will not be set before the first quiz slide is viewed. Then, if the player is set to resume, it behave as expected upon reload.

So I had some problems showing when this and that has been viewed or solved by the user, hence the question if PassPoints = ScorePoints would return true. Even if it was not so :)

The solution is quite clear. I just had to ad a condition, where I test if PassPoint is 0, to the involved triggers.

I consider this to be a fault, beacuse it works different in Flash vs HTML. It apear that the javascript based system variables only become global on a given slide, or when loaded from the cookie.  ;-)

Ashley Terwilliger

Glad you were able to find a solution Tom, and thanks for coming back around here! The issue is still present in Storyline 2, and continue to keep an eye on it to evaluate how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses. The number of customers and depth of impact are two of the elements that help us prioritize bugs and fixes. 

Here's some more detail about how we tackle bugs. I'm really sorry that I can't say if this issue will be fixed but you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug's progress. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katrina,

Since we're now on Storyline 2 Update 12, I would first update your software to ensure you're taking advantage of all the bug fixes we have released. 

If you're still having trouble after updating your software and republishing the file, could you attach the unpublished .story file here? I'll take a closer look and let you know what I find.