HTML5 Resuming not working in SOME presentations w/ scorm

Apr 14, 2015

Hi, I have an issue that occurs sporadically in some sections but not others.  Like most of the issues i've had, my Flash output works like a charm, but HTML5/mobile is just non-stop headaches.  We are using scorm1.2 and for some sections if I leave and then return, I resume properly to the slide that I previously left off on no problem, but my "next" button stops holding the students back from advancing before the slide audio/timeline ends even though its still in "restricted" mode.  I can just put in a trigger to disable that button until the timeline ends, so I can get around that, but where it really gets troublesome, is I then go to the first quiz question (which I haven't even gone to before,) and it right off the bat dims all of the selectable options and says "incorrect" in a red bar at the bottom.   The other bizarre thing is I don't even allow reviewing of a quiz.  I reset the results on the result slide and send them back to review material before attempting the quiz again.  Again, works like a charm in Flash output, for some sections it works in HTML5 output, but for some, it doesn't.  It's almost as if when a student leaves and comes back, it somehow is marking off progress for all of these slides that the presentation hasn't even been to yet.  I've cleared out our scorm strings and tested this many different ways, and I just cannot get this to work for some sections.  Its as if for some reason the HTML5 player is not reading the scorm string and just opening up the player navigation and defaulting the quizzes to "incorrect" review responses.   Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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