HTML5 Resuming timeline on hide layer trigger bug

Jan 13, 2016


I've come across a HTML5 glitch/bug when using a 'hide layer' trigger.

Basically, the base layer timeline is paused after one second and a layer is shown on click of an object, a trigger is then set to hide the layer when the learner clicks an object in the layer, but it resumes the timeline on the base layer.

I've been playing around with all sorts of options, but it is the 'hide layer' trigger that causes the timeline to resume.

This only happens when using HTML5, using Flash/Preview mode works as expected.

I have a sample of this happening if it would help?

Thanks for any help.


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Luke Heathershaw

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response. This happens on iOS and my desktop on all browsers I've tested it with (IE11, Chrome & Firefox). 

I've just read through the thread you shared and it's not quite what I'm experiencing i'm afraid.

I've attached the .story of my sample, if you wouldn't mind having a look?

Thanks again for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Luke,

Thanks again for sharing the file - that was really helpful and easy to see what your set up was and what was happening. I tested and saw the same thing when uploaded to Tempshare and viewing the HTML5 output in Chrome on my desktop (just an FYI you may want to review our supported HTML5 output options here).  

I found one other report of this to our QA team, so I've included the thread and your sample file as a part of that report, but I don't have any additional information or updates to share. Once I've received an update from our team, I'll be sure to update you here - but I can't offer a timeframe in regards to that. 

Richard Hill

For those stuck with a similar issue to Luke, the work around is to NEVER call "hide THIS layer" from within the layer you are trying to hide.  Instead,  open the preference cog and check "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes"   I've attached Luke's file with the adjustments so that it works in both Flash and HTML5.  Hope this helpsmy fix

Mark Pinkston

Now that I know it is a bug in your authoring software and not my code or logic, I am re-designing the course logic.

This bug will also be documented in our files with the other bugs I have found in Storyline 2 and will avoid using variables or states to control the timeline in the future.

FYI I have been working with a client for over 6 months to resolve this issue on my end we thought the problem was a browser issue since they are US government and mandated to use IE, at least I can inform our client it is the authoring software not our design/logic or browser that is flawed. They too are a Storyline 2 user but have been trying to get us to switch to Adobe's elearning package.

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