HTML5 Slide Transitions on iPad / Safari

Jan 29, 2013

My client has a SCORM LMS and is viewing a very simple Storyline course.  I've removed all the features that have critical failures with content published by Storyline in HTML5:  audio on layers, lightboxes...

My client reports that transitioning from slide to slide sometimes takes 5 seconds.  In my own experience, I've had to hit the NEXT button repeatedly.  Perhaps I was impatient, or the slide transition is sluggish.  I don't believe this is an issue with preloading content, as I've verified that content was preloaded using fiddler.

I'm not sure what the problem is or how to report it.  Does anyone else have similar results with SCORM/HTML5/iPad/Safari?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Sam, 

Yeah, unfortunately, we've heard reports of, and confirmed, slow-loading times while transitioning slides in HTML5 on iPad. It seems to be exacerbated by media-rich slides that include audio, video, or high-quality images. For now, there doesn't seem to be much that can be done about it besides minimizing the heavy load-type stuff from slide to slide, but we're hopeful that this, along with many other limitations in HTML5 will be improved over time. 

You're of course welcome to share your file with us to see if there's anything specific we can help with...

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