HTML5 Test Course From Another Tool?

This is going to send like a strange request.  I need a course, not done in Storyline, that is SCORM 1.2 and HTML5 done in some another authoring tool.

I'm helping an organization adopt Storyline and have run into some issues with one of their LMS's.  I strongly believe the issues are not Storyline but rather the LMS, or, when run from the iPad, with Mobile Safari.  I'd like to see if I run into the same issues with HTML5 output from another tool in the LMS.  This would help me convince the organization that it's not Storyline.

I don't time to learn another tool right now.  Anyone know of any options?  Anyone got a test course done with another tool to share?

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Christine Hendrickson

HI Gerry,

Wish I could help with this, but I'm only working with Studio and Storyline. I don't think using Studio would be a very convincing method

Maybe someone using Captivate or Adobe Presenter? I don't personally use either of those, but maybe someone else could provide an example. Have you checked for some sample files on other sites/forums? 

Good luck, Gerry! I hope it goes well :)

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Christine! 

I ended up downloading a trial version of Camtasia and quickly producing two Flash/HTML5 courses, one in SCORM 1.2 and one in SCORM 2004.

The problem I was seeing with Storyline HTML5 content in one LMS (Saba) turns out not to happen with that Camtasia HTML5 content with iPads.  The Storyline content will not launch using all but one of the Saba player templates while the Camtasia does in all of them except for one.  Looks like its might be something you folks might have to consider addressing.

I have a ticket on this (Case #00315086) and working with Justin G.