HTML5 variables changing non-alphanumeric characters (encoding?)

I have a project that uses simple web object HTML input fields to populate Storyline variables. (I am using custom web object HTML inputs so that I can put in a character limit) I use .SetVar to set the variables and they load and save correctly in the Flash version, in SCORM.

But in HTML5 my variable values are changing when I re-open a project with existing variable values. I am getting what seems like encoded character strings replacing many of the non-alphanumeric characters that have been typed.

So if the user typed "Here is my input, with a comma in the middle", when they close the SCORM project and re-open, it has changed their value to "Here is my input^07 with a comma in the middle". It does a similar replace to line breaks and single quotes - depending on the browser, strings like ^07, ^002 and so on.

Why I am seeing this issue? Is there some encoding I SHOULD be doing when I use the SetVar function?


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