HTML5 Version is not calling RetrieveStateData() of the LMS.JS

Apr 06, 2015

I customized the suspend data. And retrieved it using the RetrieveStateData() function in the LMS.(Flash). But HTML5 version is not calling this function. Suspend data is set to empty on re-launch of the course. So all my effort is wasted. Now I'm not able find out how and where i can get my suspend data before calling ForceCommit().

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R Rothrock

I know this thread is old, but I'm wondering if there was ever a resolution? We also have some custom code in the lms.js file that isn't working in the HTML5 only published version.

It seems the lms.js file is not loaded when published to html5 only. So that could be an easy explanation of why it isn't working, but the real question would be "What else do we need to modify to work in HTML5 only?"

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