HTML5 version of course crashing on launch

Apr 19, 2013


I have a course that I have previously published and viewed the HTML5 version ok.  Now when I publish, the flash version runs ok but the HTML5 version crashes on all browsers on launch.  I dont really want to send the entire .storyline file due to the propriety issues, so I deleted all of the scenes other than the introduction and republished.  The published HTML5 version now runs.  Can anyone give me pointers as to the kind of thing to look for that may cause problems with the HTML5 version launching.  Thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Stephanie, 

That's pretty strange that it would be crashing in any browser. You've tested on a desktop and iPad, or one or the other? Is it an unusually large course?

We'd really love to get our hands on the file to see what might be the underlying issue, and anything you send us will be kept strictly confidential. And we're happy to sign an NDA, if you'd like. Any chance you can send it in?

Stephanie Powner


If i launch the HTML5 version of the course in Chrome I get the 'Aw snap' message.  If i click reload on the 'aw snap' page the course then loaded successfully. I had a similar problem on SCORM cloud,where wrapping the SCO with the api solved the problem    Does this shed any light on the problem?  Thanks 

Stephanie Powner

Hi Dayn, sorry for the delay in responding I only just spotted your reply.  Yes that is exactly what I have, both triggers and layers .  Took me ages to set up so I am a bit gutted if I have to lose the functionality.  It does actually work if I delete some content to make the file smaller so I wonder if it is a combination of things.  I have submitted a support case.  Wanted to delete some content before sending due to propriety reasons.  Google chrome isnt crashing now but I do get the Story_content/data.xml error so I am hoping that is related to what is causing the crash with the full file.  I will let you know.  Thanks!!

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Stephanie

Yep - I was gutted too! I built this template with a custom top-menu, because the inbuilt top-menu doesn't work in the iPad Mobile Player app - 

It took me ages to set up, only to find that the HTML5 version crashes in Google Chrome. I think the problem may be that the coding on the Slide Masters (triggers/layers etc) get published to every slide, because it also took ages to publish. As soon as I took this out of the slide masters, it published much quicker and the errors disappeared. In the end, we reverted to a standard top-menu, in the hope that the Mobile Player App will support this soon (feature request submitted).

Would be interested to hear how you get on with this!

Stephanie Powner

Hi Dayn,

Thanks for sharing your template, it is  impressive and looks to be of a similar complexity to my navigation elements.  Had confirmation back that there is a known bug when publishing to HTML5 with large files and this was causing my problem.  I am told this will be fixed in the next storyline update which is due soon. So, until then it's just Flash for me!

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Dan!

What size are your courses that are crashing? Are you publishing for mobile/HTML5 as well?

If you can, try breaking the course up and see if that resolves the problem. If so, it may very well be an issue with size. 

We are currently beta testing an update, but we do not currently have a release date. We see a lot of reports on this and it's definitely something we're wanting to get resolved as quickly as possible. 

If, for some reason, making the courses smaller doesn't resolve the problems you're experiencing, we may want to take a look at what's going on.

Thanks and welcome again!

John Ned

Hi Christine,

Regarding the issue of large courses crashing, your support site states that this issue will be resolved with the next update:

With the update now in beta, can you kindly verify if this statement is still accurate?  Can we expect with any certainty that a fix for this will indeed "make the list"? 

Thanks in advance for any insights you can share!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

Until a fix is officially released and announced in the list of release notes (similar to this one) for a specific update, we cannot guarantee that it'll be included. I do know that this is definitely one that we're trying to include, however.

It looks promising, but I do not want to state that it will, for a fact, be included. Especially when the update is still being tested and modified. Things can happen down the line that may cause delays or other issues with content. 

We want to make sure everything works properly before we release updates and we want to make sure the fixes we implement will function properly, as well. We're working hard to fix this issue and others, but for now I cannot give any estimates on what will be fixed and when the update will be released.

If you haven't already, you may want to subscribe to Gabe Anderson's blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter page. We'll announce any official release dates and updates. I'll also try to keep this thread updated, so be sure to subscribe to the thread.

Thanks very much, John.

Have a great day!


Diana Myers

Not sure if anyone is still subscribed to this thread, but I didn't see any other discussion thread about the "Aw Snap" error.  We just encountered the Google Chrome "Aw Snap" error on a fairly small course, and simply reloading the page didn't work for us.

Our IT dept helped us determine that our error was caused by the default Chrome setting for Plug-ins.  Instead of "Detect important content" we had to switch to "Always allow on this site."  Attached is screen shot of how we changed the Chrome settings for our LMS site:.

Hope this helps someone else!

Chrome Aw Snap Plug In Setting Change

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