HTML5 Volume slider issue

The volume slider on my HTML5 build doesn't work properly. If you click anywhere on the slider it drops to 0 volume and there is no way to turn it back up.

The volume control works normal on other builds just the HTML5 build seems to have the issue.

I've tested it across several projects and the issue appears in all of them. Is anyone else experiencing similar?

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Katie Maxter

Hi Patrick!

Thanks for sharing this! We are also experiencing the audio bug when users run our courses in Chrome. You fix sounds like it should do the trick.

I admit though, I am pretty green when it come to Javascript...would you mind providing a little more information about how exactly to apply the patch? I'm able to locate and open the original published player_compiled.js file, and to open your excellent replacement player_compiled.js file. But, what is the next step? How do I replace the original file with the new one in the published content?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give!


Patrick Perron

Hi Katie, 
it's always a bit tricky the more time pass by... I explain why! 

The provided file on my previous post is dating from 3 month ago. If you are using an up to date version of Articulate, it means that maybe Articulate has changed the content of that file to add new features and correct some bugs (maybe not yours!).  

When I created the fix, the build date (the version of the Articulate code inside the file) of the file was 2016-09-26. To verify which version you have, you can open your file (player_compiled.js) and search for the string "20160926". If you find this line 'buildDate="20160926 20:10";", it means that you have the same version as I had when I created the fix. If it the case, you can simply overwrite your file with the one on my post above. If you test and something goes bad, just republish, it will put back the original file over mine. It also means that if my fix work, you need to overwrite the publication file with my fix each time you republish your course... 

Now, if Articulate updated the "player_compiled.js" code and build date is no more "20160926", you will need to add my fix manually! Just look at my post above, find the line with "VolumeSlider.prototype.bindDragEvents" and apply my fix code there... A bit tricky I must admit for someone not used to play in javascript... So I hope the file build date has not changed since my fix ! 

Hope it will help you!