Hyperlink delay in being active

Apr 22, 2020


I am using Storyline 360 v3.39.21985.0 and am updating some modules for a client. I noticed that when I test the hyperlinks, the link doesn't actually become active until the timeline is nearly over. I've not run into this before. Is this part of a recent build? I've attached the project I'm working on and am specifically looking at slide 12. Thanks in advance!

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Len Hackenbroch

Interesting one, it looks like the hyperlink doesn't become active until the animation on the text box has completed.

A few workarounds come to mind, the simplest is to put a hotspot over the hyperlink which appears around the same time the hyperlink is displayed? Or split the text box into two seperate boxes one for the first 3 bullets and then another for the rest, if you get the timing right it'll look identical to an end user.

Hope that helps?


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