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Hi all, I have an issue...okay, wait...I have an issue with Storyline!
When I attach a doc using the hyperlink function, on a co-worker's computer I see an "external files" folder in the content folder (publishing for either LMS or Web). The doc file is inside this external fiels folder...cool.

...but...when I do it on my computer, there is no external file folder created upon publishing and I get an error message when I try and launch the hyperlinked doc which basically says it's trying to follow the path for the doc back to my hard drive rather than finding it in the published folder.

Everything "seems" to be the same, I'm creating the file, it's the same file and in both cases the file to be attched is on the local hard drive. I'm running Windows 7 and coworker is running XP.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian and welcome to Heroes!

It looks like Matthew is helping you out here, but since you mentioned it not creating an "external files folder" are you able to see the files at all in the published folder? You may need to conduct a repair of your Storyline software and you'll also want to make sure that you're testing the published content within the intended environment.