Hyperlink from a Storyline to Four Published Presenter eLearnings

I have four eLearnings published in Presenter and would like to hyperlink to each of them from a single slide in Storyline.  I have successfully done it with a single eLearning by copying all of the published files to the External Files folder of Storyline.  I tried it two ways...published for LMS and published for CD (for CD, thinking that all I'd need would be the .exe file to hyperlink to).

How can I best accomplish my task without needing to merge all of the existing PPT files and linked videos for the existing for eLearnings published in Presenter?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cindy,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I may be over-simplifying this, but it may be much easier if you could publish the four courses and upload them to a web server. You could then hyperlink to those courses in the slide. You could even insert them as web objects if you didn't want to force learners to work outside of your Storyline course. 

If you need to add them as files, you'd want to add all of the published files to the external files folder. You'd then want to hyperlink to the HTML file. If you need to view it locally, it'd need to be the .EXE file (CD output). The problem with this, however, is going to be local and web browser restrictions. 

An additional alternative would be to import the PowerPoint slides directly into Storyline. You could then hide the slides, then hyperlink to them within a slide. 

Just some thoughts :)

Good luck on the project!