Hyperlink hover background is making hyperlink text unreadable

In Storyline 2, I have hyperlinks defined as bright yellow to contrast against a black background. However, when I put in a hyperlink and preview content, the hyperlink hover background color is almost the same as the hyperlink yellow itself. It's basically impossible to actually read the text any longer when hovering.

What can I do about this? Thanks.

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Mike Enders

Hi Keith,

I believe that the hyperlink color is being pulled from the color scheme you're using in this project and, unfortunately, as you're seeing, the chosen color and resulting background are pretty close in range.  

A couple thoughts:

1. You could change the assigned hyperlink color in the color scheme, or

2. Highlight the hyperlink text and give it a different color from the text formatting area.  This should serve to increase the contrast.

I hope this helps!


Keith K.


Both solutions sound like you just want me to not use that color. That color was picked for a specific reason. If it's causing issues like this, isn't it technically a bug? I thought every hyperlink was supposed to have a ~25% opacity of the same color behind it when hovered. This is not happening in this case.

Keith K.

It wasn't 25% specifically, but the official docs (for SL1, couldn't find one for SL2) talk about the hover color being a 'lighter shade' of the hyperlink color. Unless that lighter shade is literally a lighter shade and not a less opaque color. Which would explain the issue as yellow is very close to white in the RGB palette. Either way it's frustrating if we as authors are thus limited to only darker colors for hypers.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ilse!

No update at this time.

We are aware that this issue is within the newer products as you mentioned and this has been discussed internally and moved up on the priority list as a result of understanding user impact, so I do appreciate you chiming in to share.

This thread is attached and we will update here when applicable.

Julie Stelter

I'm experiencing no hover over a hyperlink which is set to orange in the theme color. I'm using Storyline 2. Interestingly, I only noticed this issue because the hover (light orange) showed up on one hyperlink. It has been absent for the other links in a 10 module course. If not absent it is intermittent. Has this bug been fixed, if so how?